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Products for children have never been more plentiful or in demand than they are today. So how do you know which products to buy and which ones not to buy? How to separate the good products from the not so good? How to determine what products a child really needs?

The information below is intended to answer those questions and others concerning our products. Do you know of a home with children? Whether you are a parent, grandparent, relative or friend, the information that follows will give you some very compelling reasons why every home with children should also be a home with Kindertools.

The Ideal Alternative
Kindertools Put Kids First
Patented "No-Choke" Safety Handle
Firm and Secure Grip
Easy for Little Hands to Use
Improves Motor Skills and Coordination
Allows Independence and Self-Sufficiency
Builds Self-Esteem, Confidence, and a Sense of Success
Rewards a Child's Natural Enthusiasm for Learning
Fun and Positive Influence
The "Tool" Kit
Great for Today's Parents
Tested and Approved by Professionals, Parents and Children
Proven Award-Winning Products
Great Service with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
Easy Cleanup and Care
Alternative Users (Elderly, Disabled, Arthritic)
The Ideal Gift and Bonus Offer

As anyone with young children knows, little hands have difficulty grasping, holding and using straight-handled utensils properly. These include straight-handled forks, spoons and toothbrushes as well as drawing, painting and writing instruments. Quite simply, young children do not yet possess the needed skills and abilities - and thus they also lack the know-how and experience - to effectively use these utensils. The result is often frustration, accidents and discouragement for children as well as parents.

Straight-handled utensils can also be a serious safety hazard for young children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2001 nearly 2500 children under the age of 4 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for straight-handled utensil injuries. Clearly, straight-handled utensils are not designed for young children.

Kindertools provide the ideal alternative. Originally invented by a mother of three who knew there had to be a better, safer and more natural alternative than straight-handled utensils for her children, Kindertools were developed in collaboration with pediatric doctors and childcare professionals to specifically meet the unique needs of young children, ages 6 months to 6 years.

The purpose behind these one-of-a-kind, industry first products is threefold: First, Kindertools help young children learn and enjoy everyday activities such as eating, brushing teeth, drawing, painting, and cleaning up. Second, they enable young children to participate in these activities safely, easily, effectively and independently. And third, they allow a child to develop the skills and abilities to participate in these everyday activities at an accelerated rate or earlier age than normal.

The Kindertools family of proven award-winning products offers an array of important benefits for children as well as parents.
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Many of the products offered today as suitable for "children" are actually nothing more than a smaller model of the adult size version of the same product. Examples of these products include "child-size" versions of straight-handled utensils such as forks, spoons and toothbrushes as well as drawing, painting and writing instruments.

While on the surface it may appear logical for a children's product to simply be a smaller copy of the same adult product, such products provide no innovation and creativity to address the fact that young children have specific needs which should be met in specific ways according to their skills, abilities, know-how and experience. Not surprisingly, simply giving young children a smaller version of an adult product does not eliminate the inherent problems and disadvantages that product may present for young children.

Obviously, given enough time, young children will inevitably make enough progress to be able to use adult products such as straight-handled utensils. Such "progress," however, is slow (or even put "on hold" until a child is ready), and marked with frustration, discouragement, accidents and sometimes even serious injury.

What young children need and deserve are products which are specially designed with their unique needs in mind. Products which are appropriate for their level of skill and ability. Products which do not prevent or delay their development and progress in basic daily activities such as eating, brushing, drawing and painting until they are older, but rather, accelerate their development and progress in these and other activities much sooner than normal. Products which do not create difficult, frustrating or dangerous experiences for them but rather, easy, safe, fun and positive experiences. In short, what young children need are products which put them first. And that's just what Kindertools do.
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One of the most important benefits of Kindertools is the patented "No-Choke" safety handle. This innovative handle is uniquely designed to be too wide at the ends to fit in a child's mouth. And even if a child should fall while using Kindertools, the gently sloping sides of the triangle handle and the short stem reduce any risk of over-insertion, injury or choking.

This feature presents an important advantage over straight-handled utensils. As mentioned above, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, straight-handled utensils can be dangerous for small children resulting in emergency room visits for serious injury, impalement or choking. As a case in point, when a 2-year old Maryland boy fell while brushing his teeth with a straight-handled toothbrush, the toothbrush became lodged in his throat, narrowly missing a major artery in his neck. Had the boy’s mother removed the impaled toothbrush, paramedics said the child would have bled to death in minutes. Fortunately, the toothbrush was removed after a 4-hour operation. The story of the near fatal accident was featured on "Rescue 911." As an interesting side note, after the accident, the boy and his mother happily became users and promoters of Kindertools to help eliminate the danger of a similar incident reoccurring.

Kindertools are made of a softer yet durable plastic with smooth rounded surfaces and no hard or sharp edges. Keep your child safe with tools which are specifically designed to ensure safety. In short, Kindertools are a "must" for any home with young children.
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Kindertools are ideally suited to take advantage of a child's natural tendency to curl little fingers and hold on tight. The secret is the patented handle which allows a child to securely grasp and hold the tool in a variety of different positions using either hand. In this way, each child can choose whatever grip is most natural, comfortable and effective for him/her.

Straight-handled utensils are hard for young children to grip and hold. They are awkward and prone to fly out of little hands, causing spills, accidents and frustration for both children and parents.

Kindertools allow a child to grip and hold much easier and with much better control. The handle is uniquely designed for a child to achieve a more firm and secure grip with less effort. The center bar in the middle of the triangle handle offers a child an additional means of assistance and stability in grasping and manipulating the tool. The base of the handle rests against a child's palm for much better support and proficiency in handling the tool thereby reducing the likelihood of dropping the tool and/or spilling food on the floor.
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Straight-handled utensils require a specific movement pattern to be used effectively. For young children who have not yet fully developed the motor skills necessary for these movements, the result is often discouraging attempts and accidents.

Unlike straight-handled utensils, Kindertools are specifically designed to allow young children to use their developing motor skills to their advantage. The versatility of the Kindertools handle gives each child the freedom to choose the easiest, most natural and efficient way for him/her to use each tool. In this way, Kindertools uniquely work with each child, not against him/her.

The Kindertools handle is designed to assist the smaller muscle groups, resulting in smoother more natural movements with less effort. Also, the fact that the base of the Kindertools handle rests against a child's palm helps keep the wrist stationary, giving the child much better control and maneuverability than with straight-handled utensils.
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The fact that Kindertools enable young children to participate in different daily activities at an earlier age than normal means their development and improvement in other areas will also be accelerated. Specifically, using Kindertools recruits the assistance of smaller muscle groups which helps develop and improve a child's fine motor skills, coordination and dexterity. This success helps the child gain the fine motor skills and coordination needed for more complex tasks, such as using traditional utensils, at an accelerated rate.

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As anyone with children knows, every child at some point has the desire to exert his/her independence and self-sufficiency. The problem is that many times this desire exceeds a child's ability to perform a task by himself/herself. Kindertools are designed to help balance a child's desire and ability to be independent. By eliminating many of the difficulties and frustrations children have with straight-handled utensils, Kindertools enable young children to perform daily activities with less help from parents.

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In addition to the need for independence, every child has a natural desire for self-esteem, confidence and a sense of accomplishment. By making it easy for a child to perform different daily activities successfully, Kindertools help a child build self-esteem, confidence and a sense of success. And the benefits don't end there. As a result of Kindertools helping to build and establish these qualities and a "can do" attitude early on, a child has a great start on successfully overcoming other challenges as he/she gets older.
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Children love to learn. Like sponges, they're eager to absorb a new and exciting world around them. Here again, however, the activities to be learned by a child must be appropriate for his/her ability and maturity level or the result will be accidents, frustration or a lack of interest in the activity altogether. By making it easy and safe for young children to perform different daily activities at an earlier age than normal, Kindertools reward and reinforce a child's natural enthusiasm and eagerness for learning.

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Within each child is tremendous potential which can be channeled in positive or negative ways. When the needs and desires for independence, self-esteem and learning mentioned above are combined with a child's desire for attention and his/her boundless energy, it is vital that a child is provided and reinforced with the right kind of activities. Kindertools help supply that positive reinforcement. They provide an ideal way to channel the needs and desires of children in a safe, fun and positive direction.
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Kindertools are packaged in a convenient kit consisting of a family of 8 tools in a rainbow of bright colors. As an added benefit, each tool within the Kit is arranged by its own color, shape and name along with a customized drawing of the loveable Kindertools mascot, "KinderRoo" shown using each tool. This clever design makes the Kindertool Kit a reusable puzzle to give children hours of entertaining fun as well as helping them improve their learning abilities and cognitive skills. The puzzle feature also further enhances many of the other benefits of Kindertools such as: providing independent time for both child and parent, increasing potential for accelerated learning and development, improving hand-eye coordination, building self-esteem, confidence and a sense of success, supporting a child's natural enthusiasm and eagerness for learning, and providing a way to channel a child's needs and desires in a safe, fun and positive direction.

In addition, each Kindertool Kit includes a free 8-pack of safe non-toxic "KindyColors" crayons, a free bar of KindyBubbleBar soap and a free "KinderRoo" Coloring Sheet. (Additional coloring sheets can also be printed directly from this web site. More...)

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Just as Kindertools can help make the lives of children much easier, simpler, more effective and independent, Kindertools can also help today's parents enjoy these same benefits and more in their own lives.

As a parent, during mealtime, you can expect more self-sufficiency with fewer spills and less frustration from your child and less help from you. You can rest assured that brushing and clean up time is safe for your child while forming a sense of success and positive hygiene habits with less supervision from you. When your child draws or paints with Kindertools, you'll have more freedom, while knowing that your child is having fun, gaining confidence and getting a headstart on improving his/her motor skills and creative abilities. While playing with the unique Kindertool Kit as a reusable puzzle with little or no assistance required from you, your child will be entertained in a positive way while improving his/her learning abilities and cognitive skills.

With Kindertools, eating, brushing, clean up, art and play time benefits more than just kids!
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Kindertools were developed in collaboration with pediatric doctors, dentists and childcare experts to be an ideal fit for the unique needs of children. Numerous professionals highly recommend Kindertools. More...

Just as important as the feedback from professionals is the feedback Kindertools have received from children and parents (the real "experts"). To date, Kindertools have thousands of satisfied customers. More...
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Kindertools have earned numerous national awards including the prestigious "National Parenting Seal of Approval," awarded only to those products which have proven to meet the highest standards of excellence in safety, design and durability. Additional awards for Kindertools include their acceptance as FDA approved devices, a Top Product Ranking from the Dental Products Report, selection as one of the "Best New Products" by Baby Talk Magazine and an award for manufacturing excellence from Colorado State University.

Kindertools have also earned national attention and acclaim from major magazines, newspapers and television programs such as: American Baby, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, The Denver Post, The Los Angeles Times, CBS This Morning, CNBC and a PBS Documentary program.

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We make it our policy to provide prompt, friendly and reliable service. In most cases, your order will be shipped within 48 hours. We also welcome your questions and comments about Kindertools. After you order the Kindertool Kit, be sure to let us know how the products are working for you.

We also like our customers to know that Kindertools products adhere to very high quality standards. As such, we're happy to stand behind our products with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with Kindertools, you may return them for a full refund, no questions asked.
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Kindertools are dishwasher safe (all except for the crayons!) for easy clean up and care. When not in use, the patented handle allows the tools to stand in an upright position, keeping them cleaner and more sanitary, as well as easier to grasp when picked up by a child or adult.
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The benefits of Kindertools are not limited to just children. Anyone who experiences difficulty or frustration with conventional spoons, forks, toothbrushes and/or writing instruments may also benefit from the many advantages Kindertools provide. This includes anyone with limited motor skills or range of motion such as elderly, disabled, and handicapped people as well as people with arthritis or those in rehabilitative or physical therapy programs. Unfortunately, just as with children, until now there has been little in the way of innovation or products to meet the unique needs of these individuals despite the fact that many of the same areas addressed above also apply to them:

  • Frustration with trying to grip conventional utensils

  • Discouragement and accidents with dropping utensils and food

  • Need for tools with no hard or sharp edges which protect against overinsertion, injury or choking

  • Need for tools designed to take advantage of the tendency to curl fingers and hold on tightly

  • Need for tools which allow many easy ways to grip using either hand - however is most secure, comfortable and effective

  • Need for tools which help brace the wrist and provide much better stability, control and maneuverability with less effort

  • Need for tools which assist the smaller muscle groups leading to smoother more natural movements and helping maintain (or improve) motor skills and coordination

  • Need for tools which help create independence, confidence and sense of success.

Obviously, children are not the only ones who need safe, practical and effective solutions to meet their unique needs. Kindertools can help daily tasks and activities become an easier, more comfortable and positive experience for many other people with unique needs as well.
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Kindertools make the ideal gift for any home with young children. They’re also perfect as a baby shower gift and for any "soon to be" home with young children. And remember, children aren’t the only ones who benefit from Kindertools. They also provide big benefits for today's parents, making them a great gift for an entire home!

Kindertools can also make an excellent gift for someone with limited motor skills or range of motion such as elderly, disabled, and handicapped people as well as people with arthritis or those in rehabilitative or physical therapy programs.

To order the Kindertool Kit for family or friends, or to take advantage of our limited time Bonus Offer, click here.
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