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As anyone with young children knows, straight-handled forks and spoons are difficult for little hands to grasp and use properly. The result is often frustration, accidents and discouragement for children as well as parents. Straight-handled forks and spoons can also be dangerous for children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2001 nearly 2,500 children under the age of 4 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries resulting from straight-handled utensils. More...

While smaller forks and spoons for children do exist, these products are usually only smaller versions of adult-size straight-handled utensils and carry many of the same inherent problems and disadvantages for children.

Kindertools provide the ideal alternative. Our one-of-a-kind forks and spoons are specifically designed with the unique needs of children in mind. They make it easy, safe, natural and fun for children to feed themselves!

  • Patented No-Choke safety handle is too wide to fit in a child's mouth. Greatly reduces risk of overinsertion, choking or serious injury. More...

  • Innovative triangle handle with center bar in the middle allows a child to firmly grasp and hold the tool in a variety of different positions using either hand - however is most natural, comfortable and effective for him/her.

  • Base of handle rests against child's palm which helps brace the wrist, providing better support, control and maneuverability with less effort. No more frustration for you or your child with utensils flying out of little hands or spilling food on the floor!

  • Designed to assist smaller muscle groups for smoother more natural movements and efficient self-feeding.

  • Helps child gain confidence and fine motor skills for using traditional forks and spoons later on.

  • Made of softer yet durable plastic with safe, smooth, rounded surfaces and no hard or sharp edges.

  • More independence for your child and more freedom for you, the parent.

  • When not in use, the fork and spoon can stand in an upright position to remain cleaner and more sanitary as well as making them easier to grasp when picked up by a child or adult.

  • Awarded the prestigious "National Parenting Seal of Approval," given only to those products which have proven to meet the highest standards of excellence in safety, design and durability. More...
Give your child a sense of independence, accomplishment, and self-confidence with a forks and spoons that are safe, comfortable and fun.


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