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Every child likes to color and paint. But for most children, their enthusiasm far exceeds their skill level. Now, with the Kindertools crayon and paintbrush holders, children can begin developing their creative skills much sooner, introducing them even as early as 6 months of age!

Both the crayon and paintbrush holders are specially designed for children. The innovative holder takes advantage of a child's natural tendency to curl little fingers and hold on tightly. While holding on, the small muscle groups are being assisted, which results in smoother more natural movements as well as better control and maneuverability with less effort. All the while, the child is developing and improving his/her fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity for more complex creative tasks in the future.

Give your child's artistic ability an accelerated headstart with the Kindertools crayon and paintbrush holders!

  • Triangle holder with center bar in the middle gives a child many ways to grip using either hand. Child can color and paint however is most comfortable, natural and effective for him/her.

  • Rewards and reinforces a child's natural enthusiasm and eagerness for creating and learning.

  • Each holder offers 4 different assembly positions in which to snap a crayon or paintbrush (as shown below). This allows each child to use the best position for him/her.

  • Awarded prestigious "National Parenting Seal of Approval," given only to those products which have proven to meet the highest standards of excellence in safety, design and durability. More...

  • When not in use, holder stands upright on its base to avoid messes as well as making it easy to grasp when picked up by a child or adult.

  • Includes FREE 8-pack of "Kindycolors" crayons! These crayons are safe, certified non-toxic and are smoother and brighter than ordinary crayons. More...

  • Hours of creative fun for your child and more freedom for you, the parent.

  • A fun and positive way to help fill your child's need for independence, self-esteem and a sense of success!
Let your child's creative ability shine through with the Kindertools crayon and paintbrush holders! Coloring and painting for your child has never been easier or more fun!

Note: Each holder is molded and sized to fit both the custom paintbrush and free crayons that are included. It's simple to change crayons - just pull or snap the crayon out of the cylinder and snap another crayon in (it is best to place the crayon about halfway down the length of the cylinder to help prevent the chances for breaking the crayon when removing). Each holder can also accommodate any standard crayon as well as a variety of standard writing instruments. Makes drawing, coloring and art time a snap!


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