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"Clean up time!" Not exactly the favorite words of most children. Let the Kindertools Scrubber help. It's easy for young children to grip and use to help wipe out germs and prevent the spread of infection. At the same time, your child will be improving motor skills and developing healthy hygiene habits each time he/she washes.

Let the Kindertools Scrubber give you and your child a hand with clean up time! Who said cleaning can't be fun?

  • Soft bristles are great for gently removing particles that collect around the fingernails.

  • No hard or sharp edges

  • Innovative triangle handle with center bar in the middle lets a child grip the tool however is easiest and most comfortable in one hand, to effectively clean and scrub the other hand.

  • Base of handle rests against child’s palm to help brace the wrist and provide support, control and maneuverability with less effort.

  • Works in harmony with small muscle groups to help fine motor skills and coordination.

  • Allows more independence for a child and requires less help and supervision from parents!

  • Awarded prestigious “National Parenting Seal of Approval,” given only to those products which have proven to meet the highest standards of excellence in safety, design and durability. More...

  • Stands in an upright position when not in use to remain cleaner and more sanitary as well as making it easy to grasp when picked up by a child or adult.

  • Bright color and shape of the Scrubber make it quickly seem like a familiar toy, helping promote and establish healthy sanitary habits at an early age.

  • Includes FREE bar of great smelling KindyBubbleBar antibacterial soap to kill germs and prevent the spread of infection.

  • Positive way to help reward a child’s natural desire for self-esteem, self-sufficiency and a sense of accomplishment!
The Kindertools Scrubber - GOOD CLEAN FUN!

Note: For infants who are too young for clean up activities, this tool can be used as an infant teething brush instead. More...


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