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Did you know that over 75% of U.S. children who get cavities are younger than 3 years old? That is why pediatric dentists recommend that proper dental hygiene begin as soon as baby teeth start to appear, usually between six months and one year.

Unfortunately, young children have not yet developed the motor skills needed to brush properly when their first teeth appear. What's more, conventional straight-handled toothbrushes - whether adult sized or smaller sized for children - can be a serious safety hazard for a child. More...

Let the patented Kindertools Toothbrushes give your child a hand. They are an industry first, designed completely to meet the unique needs of children. Eliminate the dangers of straight-handled toothbrushes, while making brushing safe, natural, effective and fun!

  • Recommended by and developed in collaboration with pediatric doctors and dentists. More...

  • Top product ranking from the Dental Products Report. More...

  • Patented No-Choke safety handle is uniquely designed to be too wide to fit in a child's mouth. Even if a child should fall or run into an obstacle with the Kindertools Toothbrush in his/her mouth, the wide handle, short-stem and gently sloping sides of the triangle handle protect against overinsertion, choking, impalement or serious injury to the mouth or throat.

  • Made of softer yet durable plastic with safe smooth rounded edges and no hard or sharp surfaces.

  • Can also be used as a teething instrument.

  • Triangle handle with center bar in the middle gives a child many ways to grip securely using either hand, however is most comfortable, natural and effective for him/her.

  • Works in harmony with small muscle groups to give a child much better control and maneuverability for effective and thorough brushing with less effort. All the while, the child is developing the fine motor skills for using a conventional toothbrush later on.

  • Awarded prestigious "National Parenting Seal of Approval," given only to those products which have proven to meet the highest standards of excellence in safety, design and durability. More...

  • Rewards and reinforces a child's natural enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

  • Bright color and shape of the Toothbrush make it quickly seem like a familiar toy, helping promote the acceptance of brushing and establishing good dental hygiene habits at an early age.

  • Requires less help and supervision from parents!

  • Makes brushing fun while preventing cavities!

  • Stands in an upright position when not in use to remain cleaner and more sanitary as well as making it easy to grasp when picked up by a child or adult.
Create a safe and fun way to help fill your child's need for self-sufficiency, confidence and a sense of success! A "must" for any home with young children.

Kindertools toothbrushes are designed for two stages of development: Infant and Toddler.

  1. The Infant Teething Brush (shown in red) is designed for when baby's very first teeth, the incisors, appear. The soft bristles extend directly from the handle as no stem is necessary to reach the incisors. This brush also works as a teething instrument for baby. (Once your child is older, this tool can be used as a scrubber for clean up instead. More...)

  2. The Toddler Brush (shown in blue) is designed for when a child's molars appear. The short stem allows a child to reach the molars very effectively while at the same time protecting against overinsertion, choking or injury. This toothbrush is appropriate up to the age of six, or when a child is ready for a standard toothbrush.


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