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"At my son's three-year checkup, he tested 'off the charts' in fine motor skills. I am certain that this was as a result of his regular use of Kindertools products." Millie, Fort Collins, CO

"I think Kindertools are just wonderful. I'm a grandmother now and I recommend Kindertools and give them away as gifts every chance I get. They are really excellent and needed products." Pat, Rangely, CO

"Kindertools provide so many positives. We love the fact that they are so safe and easy to use, as well as the encouragement and confidence they help to instill. They also make parenting easier with less worry. We recommend them very highly." Ken and Donna, Austin, TX

"The first time we tried Kindertools, our 14-month old daughter just held the fork in her hand and started eating with it - the most natural thing possible. The look on her face said, 'I'm a big girl!' " Patty, Houston, TX

"I'm really impressed with how easy Kindertools are for children to grip and use by themselves. The result is that the kids really enjoy and take pride in using Kindertools and donít put up as much fuss. We also have fewer spills and messes and the tools are easy to cleanup. Obviously, all this makes things much easier and more convenient for me as a parent as well." Kathleen, Shreveport, LA

"As parents of four children ranging from 2 to 9 years old, we've seen a lot of children's products, but Kindertools top the list. Everything from the ingenious tools themselves to the clever puzzle packaging is first rate. Every home with children should have them!" Julie and Ron, Atlanta, GA

Pediatric Doctor/Dentist Endorsements for Kindertools Toothbrushes

"A few times in a person's chosen profession are there circumstances that genuinely allow for innovation and the development of new and needed ideas and technology. In my practice...operating at a major children's only hospital...I felt somewhat qualified in my ability to give honest feedback relative to both product well as perceived or planned need. It is without hesitation that I fully endorse the Kindertools Toothbrush Collection. I feel a definite and distinct need for such a product as this on the market. To my knowledge at this time there are very few products that actually address this segment of our population or the very concerned new parent.

I am sure you will find few dentists of my generation that will object to decay in infants and toddlers being eradicated. By no means am I implying that the Kindertools Toothbrush Collection will be that answer; however, I do feel that it provides a very needed place in the education of the young child at the hands of a new parent." Gregory K. Ingalls, D.D.S.

"I am writing this letter in support...of the Kindertools Toothbrush. As a pediatric dentist who has been a part of the expanding effort to institute infant oral health care, I have been frustrated by the lack of a toothbrush that a young child could use...brushes currently on the market are designed for an adult hand. Children do not have the motor skills to manipulate these brushes.

The Kindertools Toothbrush should be usable by young children and therefore be the only brush on the market which addresses the needs of the infant and young child. I believe it has great potential in this expanding market." William A. Mueller, D.M.D, Chief of Dentistry, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

"Please accept this letter in support of the Kindertools Toothbrush Collection. I am a dentist who specializes in geriatric dentistry and am very impressed with the Kindertools toothbrush for the elderly and disabled. I am confident that the design of this new toothbrush will make dental hygiene care much easier and safer for individuals who are unable to utilize the toothbrushes currently available on the market.

Additionally, the Kindertools Toothbrush designed for infants and toddlers will encourage positive early dental habits. The unique design will make these toothbrushes significantly safer for use by children." Douglas B. Berkey, D.M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

"As a practicing children's dentist with a strong interest in the prevention of dental disease, I am very excited about this product. Broadscale introduction of the Kindertools toothbrush for small children would almost certainly reduce early dental decay in infants and toddlers. Early dental decay is much more prevalent than the lay public is aware... This problem characteristically becomes evident between 12 and 24 months of age...Early decay is usually associated with...a lack of effective oral hygiene. Most importantly, a thorough daily brushing of the infant's front teeth begun as soon as they come in will eradicate early dental caries...In recognition of the seriousness of this problem and its preventability...the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has recommended that the child's first visit should occur by 12 months of age so that proper hygiene practices can be emphasized to the parent.

Consequently, I feel there is a clear need for a toothbrush appropriately designed and marketed to parents for use on their child's first teeth. I like these things about the Kindertools Toothbrush: The handle is triangular rather than straight so it is easy for the child to grasp and is safe for the infant to use without parental supervision. This toothbrush can initially be used as a teething instrument. Its continued use by the child will almost certainly displace decay...regular daily use of this instrument by the children could dramatically reduce the incidence of dental caries in young children.

The triangular handle with a short brush is easy for the parent to use in cleaning of the child's erupting front teeth; moreover, the brush will eventually be perceived as a familiar, toylike object and this should promote the infantís acceptance of having the teeth brushed...It should have very broad appeal." Timothy W. Adams, DDS


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